Photo of Sam Hooker Front end web development

I'm an advocate for mobile-first, progressive-enhancement models for web front ends.

I build secure, accessible websites and apps that work on any device.

Mobile First

Even if a project will be primarily used on desktop, mobile-first architecture is a good idea.

I concentrate on what's really important about the application, then progressively enhance the experience for larger, more capable devices. The end result is a product that works no matter where it's loaded.


A good user interface works for everyone, regardless of visual or motor disabilities.

I implement best practices to ensure that my code complies with WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards. I've also implemented programs to continually scan and remediate accessibility issues as new content is added.

Modern Platforms

I can write every line of code by hand. But who has the time?

The modern digital landscape is built on top of tools that do the grunt work. I leverage UI frameworks, CSS preprocessors, and more to produce what once required a whole team, and I do it in far less time.

Technical Expertise


I write accessible, standards-compliant HTML that can stand on its own. This is essential for screen readers and other browser alternatives for users with ADA-related impairments.

I'm also proficient with multiple HTML preprocessor/template "languages," such as Handlebars, Jade, Pug, and more.


I work with a "progressive enhancement" model of CSS development to deliver intuitive, cross-browser experiences to users.

I'm an advocate for preprocessors such as Sass and LessCSS. I've led teams through conversions to upgrade from writing plain CSS.


I write minimalist, object-oriented Javascript using few or no libraries (though I work a lot with jQuery for its cross-browser event handling and DOM traversal capabilities).

I can also work with component frameworks such as React.

Server Side

I write code for server-side templates in a number of languages and platforms, primarily NodeJS. I can manage front end deployments on Windows and Linux servers.

UI Platforms

I prefer to work with front end component frameworks such as ReactJS to facilitate faster development cycles. I've also worked with smaller static site generators like Eleventy.


I have significant experience working with data over REST APIs. I've also worked with more modern concepts such as GraphQL.

Version Control

I know my way around code repositories on multiple platforms, such as Git and Subversion.

Recent Experience


November 2020 - May 2022

As Director of User Experience I worked with the executive team to align products with the company vision.

  • Lead the app design team
  • Design & wireframe features
  • Work with the development team and other departments on timelines

First American Title

February 2014 - November 2020

As Web Development Manager I was responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites for multiple divisions. I managed a team of developers responsible for:

  • Writing and maintaining the HTML, CSS and Javascript files for 10,000+ web pages across roughly 2 dozen sites
  • Configuring and maintaining multiple redundant server arrays
  • Keeping all servers and web code abreast of modern security standards
  • Implementing and running an accessibility and privacy program
  • Consulting with internal stakeholders on solutions to business needs

Independent Web Consultant

January 2013 - February 2014

I engaged directly with a number of different clients to design, produce, launch, and update websites to meet their individual needs. I personally managed client sourcing, rate negotiations, billing, hosting, and fulfillment.

FrogSlayer Software Development

March 2009 - January 2013

As Creative Director I was principally responsible for website design, development, hosting, and updates. I worked as a member of the leadership team to manage development efforts and client communication.

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